The Blue Resource programme is an 8-month journey in which you will obtain 8 key competences that are highly useful within the Blue Economy sector:

  1. Practical experience and soft skills important for a career in the blue economy;
  2. Insights into business development and the commercial realities faced by the industry;
  3. Key employability skills acquired during a workplace-based internship;
  4. Application of appropriate scientific theoretical and practical concepts in a professional context;
  5. Ability to easily integrate within, or even lead, multidisciplinary teams;
  6. Strong communication skills with peers, various stakeholders in the blue economy field, and the general public, concerning scientific concepts and research;
  7. Acquisition of advanced scientific problem-solving capacity and the ability to formulate and test hypotheses, design multidisciplinary approaches and collect, analyze and interpret data; and
  8. Development of a network in an international and multidisciplinary context and, in turn, using it in an integrated problem-solving nature.